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Crazed emulsion

Hello everybody.
I have a problem wall to deal with. It’s an outside wall in an upstairs bedroom that has a window and a radiator and it has crazed all over. Its much worse closer to the rad and window and isn’t so bad further away. I am hoping that a coat of some type of sealer/primer will sort this out but we shall see!
As always your help is always appreciated. The pictures are of the window reveal and under the window.

Gardz would be a good choice.cheers

Cheers Jason. Fill and then Gardz then paint?

Are you sure that this is not the residue of wallpaper paste that has not been cleaned off properly and subsequently painted over!!

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What was the outcome of this?

To reiterate Andy’s comment is there a solution to this problem. I would be very interested as I have just come across the same problem with one of my customer’s house.

As Richard has said it may have been due to painting over paste residue or possibly applying matt emulsion over silk.

I would have gone with Zinsser Peel Stop and then, if you want to take a belt and braces approach, a coat of Bulls Eye 123 primer.

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Hi mark why would have you used peelstop /instead of gardz?

Zinsser are falling over themselves to provide primers!

Zinsser Peel Stop is a clear primer and Zinsser suggest a coat of 123 or Coverstain as what is in effect an undercoat. This is fair enough except they also seem to think that one topcoat will be enough to finish the job, which I would think is less likely, especially for this wall painting exercise.

My view is that 2 full topcoats of premium emulsion straight over the Peel Stop should provide the required finish most cost effectively, with least number of products to get in each other’s way.

Gardz is for this scenario too, do your filling and then apply Gardz. In general, Gardz is not so fussy for surface preparation, if say there were any paste still on the wall, it should work OK.

There is no mention with Peel Stop specs about surface filling. What do Zinsser say is the correct approach to filling with this system if required?

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Spec says it binds cracking, chalking and peeling paint and glues down cracks and gaps under edges of old paint. Seems to fit the bill for this problem Jason.

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Thanks mark would scraping of be another solution if it was a small area?This peelstop i havent used if i am correct ,it can be used on exterior i have a window to do next year,will get my ductape to remove loose paint then give this a go.