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Crown trade eggshell problem


I’ve been having difficulties painting some mdf panelling. Preparation was zinniser BIN primer (two coats on edges and sanded back), then two coats of crown trade oil based full undercoat. Sanded back at each stage using 400 grit mirka abranet so lovely and smooth.

Come to finish with crown trade oil effshell and it doesn’t look great. To start I thinned slightly with white spirit (5% ish) and rollered on with a very short white dove roller, then did edges and laying off with a corona morro. Can see the brush strokes in it really badly, some running / drips and also see the undercoat in parts.

Then tried to thin it some more and it’s gone on better but it’s a very streaky finish.

Any advice would be gratefully received. Would you recommend different tools? Cut losses and get a different eggshell? It’s being painted navy blue so prefer oil finish.


Hi Oliver

I’m going to have to stand aside for someone else to answer as I have not used Crown eggshell.

I have had questions about patchiness / streakiness with dark colours in LG oil eggshell. It can happen if paint isn’t thoroughly stirred, or if the laying off is light, heavy.

I also recall that a Traditional Painter member had issues with Little Greene oil eggshell but didn’t have a problem with the same colour mixed in Sandersons oil eggshell, suggesting that it could perhaps be the paint and not user error.

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It may be the brush is a bit robust. Can you recommend something softer for laying off?