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Dark colour eggshell drying times

Any advice Re slow cure time F&B “Brinjal” eggshell?

kitchen island with 1 x BIN 2 X Otex tinted to one tone lighter than top colour. Two F&B eggshells went on fine , (client insisted on F&B not wanting Helmi) Opacity was good but first coat was still a bit soft after 24 hours, second coat still soft after a weekend! and there’s an aga in the kitchen!

kitchen perimeter cabinets in F&B Elephants Breath all fine

Hi Dave, all I can offer is that this is very reminiscent of slow drying issues from years ago. Back in 2014 I was advised that the F&B spec is very specific, using their undercoat before the topcoat. That is their get out of jail card, so I would test a spare piece of timber with the F&B undercoat and Brinjal eggshell and see if it really does make a difference to drying.

If the “proper spec” doesn’t make a difference, there’s a conversation to be had with F&B tech.

hi Dave how long have you left to dry between primer coats ?
and have you altered the paint in any way ?
as Andy says above it is better to stick with whatever paint you are using specification other wise you have no recourse for a bad paint
have you been using owatroll ?

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