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Darren starting out in the decorating trade

Hi everyone

I am new to this forum, I am kind of starting out in the painting and decorating business although I have been doing it as a hobby on friends and families homes for 20 years. I hope I can learn how to setup a business, best tools to use and the best interior paints to use and stock from you guys as well as to share my own experiences with you

You are welcome Darren. As there is such a lot in your opening post, probably best to narrow down to specifics with questions. Check the posts already here too. Look forward to chatting

Ah welcome mate. So far I have found this forum to be a little more friendly and helpful to newbies than certain other places.

Every forum has its pluses and minuses. :sunglasses:

Our approach is to help anyone who shows more than a passing interest in decorating. We just leave the door open and be nice and helpful, aim to explain / ingrain how to do things to the very best level, not make do and mend, and respect that nobody knows everything. The other side, is to make sure that the info that is shared, stays easily findable.

I know the trade can get a bit precious about the trade. It is just a matter of perspective, though, where we are on the space-time continuum! Regardless of what us trade think, homeowners would say that the trade is a higgledy piggledy mix and they have to pick their way through the genius and madness and good and poor behaviour nowadays. But then the vast majority of the “trade” today would hate it if we went back to the real good old days of the closed shop guilds of our forefathers, when all but a few were literally shut out, enslaved, I mean indentured, and outsiders were beaten if they dared pick up a brush or infringe on another’s patch :slight_smile:

So whoever you are, join in, we will try to assume nothing.


Yes it seems questions can be asked here without your level of qualification/experience always being questioned :slight_smile:

Andy you have a much more forward facing opinion compared to some. We have the same issues in photography - someone comes along and buys a camera and thinks they can be a pro with no training or experience. Well some of them are actually very good - naturals. If you have a genuine passion for what you are getting into and an enquiring mind guided with a bit of logic and common sense, then that counts for a lot I think.

I appreciate that. As you say, outside the trade there are some amazing talents.

A genuine interest in something is, I think, the number one factor that interests me when interacting with folks. Some of the best craftsmen will talk all day about how to do xyz, but many more have no interest in talking about what they do, or just want everything to stay the same. Not my idea of stimulation.

And those super DIY talents who just like to do their hobby stuff, I am fascinated by how they approach painting, and their perspective.

Enthusiasts pro or DIY will read more than any average pro, most of who are going through the motions 8-5, so it is daft to cut any of the interested out your sphere, just because they choose not to be professional painters and decorators. They have a lot of questions and set the mind ticking with their different perspective.

I go on different sites dedicated to running websites, because I have to keep this puppy going, and you are invited to ask questions in the comments. It is how the internet works! Someone writes and someone keeps the conversation going. I have to say, nobody on a theme site for instance, has ever said, not answering your question, you aren’t a theme developer. It never even crosses my mind I won’t be welcome to comment.

But when you go on forums of any description, (decorating, theme building, match stick whittling), the forum is still just a platform set up to encourage debate, but you have to read the blurb to see if you are allowed in. Its a different mind set I suppose, but I don’t see that if I allow comments on the main site, why I would prohibit genuine folks from asking similar questions on a different part of the site.