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David Agnew professional decorator

Good evening ladies & gentlemen :sunglasses:

some here may remember me from other forums & elsewhere on the net as Aggie, Aggs & Ag. David is my real name.

Anyway…have been afflicted by this glorious disease we call painting & decorating for over 30 years. I mainly apply liquid via hairs attached to a stick, but, over the years have diversified into allied crafts & activities, such as leaded windows {stained glass to some} carpentry & stuff like that.

I did attend college years ago & still enjoy learning new things to do with decorating.

Am going to have a look round now :slight_smile:

You are most welcome Aggie. It is no secret that I am a great admirer (in a professional sense!!) of your good self, and your clock restorations, and really clever solutions for decorating tricky spaces… Shame you aren’t smitten on a life of kitchen painting… but

I heartily commend whatever Aggie suggests as top drawer information.