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Day one prep

So, I started my new job today. So far I’ve been raking out cracks, scraping of plaster snots/splashes, 2 coats with the (Mylands) knotting juice, rubbed some of the woodwork, made good one of the walls and punched all the carpenter’s nails home!!!
There are a few pictures here; a sort of before and after type thing. Happy with my plastering - hope it still looks alright when I’ve painted it!
No doubt I will have some questions for you soon!


Take a look at manor emulsion.

Maybe next time Jason; the lady has got the paint already!

just make sure its good quality, I done a job for a friend he bought BQ he wouldn’t listen .


Nice work with the plastering. I wouldn’t even attempt it.

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I priced a job there was plaster on coving, and rose and skirting, and the finish was poor, looking at what you have done ,shows you really care about your work, well done look forward to seeing more off your work.

Thanks Jason. Sometimes plasterers work can vary can’t it?! The plaster finish on this job wasn’t up to their usual standard especially on the curved bit under the stairs - was rubbing it down for ages today! Luckily I bought a Mirka hand sander this week. Lovely bit of kit that. Going to get a proper sander tomorrow - Festool I think, for trim work. This photo is of the plastering under the stairs.

I think that is with everything had a plaster do my kitchen then another one do my front room, the second one really was excellent I promote him when I can, I have got him in on my next job, myself when I do a job I want to think there remember me next time, as they say quality is not forgotten, looking at the photo looks a bit off a bulls up.

Thanks GP. Are you the one I spoke to about the Dulux WB system?

It was me (Neil) you spoke to on the phone, regarding the Dulux QD system. How did it work for you?

No it wasn’t me - I have used Dulux QD but won’t anymore having found out it’s a hybrid. Dulux wouldn’t even admit to me that it had oil in so I felt a bit betrayed by them. I have a better and true eco alternative now so I won’t touch the Dulux anymore.

If you’re happy to use it though it does give a lovely finish. It’s the ethics I am unhappy with rather than the quality of the product.

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Hi what are you using Ecos paint.cheers jason

Ah! Hello Neil. Yes, it turned out alright in the end. The primer/undercoat went on nicely but the gloss was a bit of a pain. I couldn’t keep up with the wet edge. It was quite glossy in the end and seemed to set hard.

Hmm, interesting. So what are you using instead?

I was sent some semi-gloss to test from the Nursery Paint co, It’s based on soya resin and all natural ingredients. It’s lovely to work with and dries quickly to an excellent finish that’s pretty tough. So for any satin work I will be using that. They also do an eggshell I want to try and emulsions so I need to get hold of some of that soon. Meantime I am using Earthborn Claypaint emulsions - again all natural ingredients and great product to use.

But for trim I am more than happy to use their semi-gloss in preference to any acrylic WB paints.