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Decorated pine cupboards

Afternoon all. At the end of 2015 I caught up with some decorating for my mum and dad at their house. Originally a bungalow rooms were put up in the roof over ten years ago. My dad is the king of unfinished projects and didn’t get round to finishing everything up stairs. At the top of the stairs was a partly stained pine t and g cupboard running underneath a sloping ceiling.
I decided to keep the cupboards, walls, ceiling and the rest of the woodwork the same colour but with a slight sheen on the woodwork and matt on the walls and ceiling.
I started by cleaning everything with sugar soap followed by a sand down with 120 grit, after the filling with toupret 110 and sanding down was done I vacuumed and caulked all the t and g panelling with no nonsense caulk from screwfix!
I put cover stain over the lot followed by a oil undercoat and 2 top coats of dulux oil eggshell preping between coats. I was happy with the final result.
I went back to my folks place today to find that some of paint has split where I caulked down the t and g panelling. Also some of the filled trim around the cupboards on the mitred corners has cracked. It’s where the filler is too thin I think, not sure though. I’ve managed to carefully cut and rake out the split paint and caulk.
I would like to try and put this right and would really appreciate any advice you can give.
Was there moisture trapped under the paint and the caulk has expanded causing the paint to split or is it the paint ?
I did notice the caulk had come away in places from the wood, most of the splits are hairline though.
There is a wood burner down stairs in the lounge and it gets very hot in there. I’ve checked the rest of the wood work I preped is fine.
A puzzled painter :thinking:

the splits in the wood i would put down to movement due to woodburner more noticeable now all wood is painted, i personally would of prepped as you have but cover stained before filling this seals the wood, and stops the water/oils or whatever it is in the filler/caulk being sucked in to the wood drying them out thus loosing adhesion

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Thanks for your advice Steve
I might wait a bit and see if anymore splits and then trying to put it right I will prime the area’s first then caulk followed by uc and top coats

Its been about six months since I repaired the cupboards with no sign of any more splitting on the T&G. Yippee! Im relieved the problem seems to have been corrected. Here are a few recent photo’s and some of

when I made the repairs back in the winter. Lesson learned!