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Decorating around ceiling lights

I have a ceiling that has numerous miniature ‘twinkle’ lights which will be a ‘pain’ to decorate around. I am going to try ‘art masking fluid’ to paint over these lights prior to painting the ceiling and which can be rubbed off after decs. Has anyone come across this situation before or has a better solution.
Question 2
I have to refurb my dining table which has a Mahogany veneer which has hot ring marks over the surface. Should I try to sand out the marks (concerned about the thin veneer) or is there a better way and what is the best finish to apply and how. Many Thanks. Richard


I have considered masking fluid but not used it in this situation. Try one to see what you are letting yourself in for.

Will the lights not pop out for easy protection with masking tape/freezer bag?

Use a free standing light so there is no risk of heat affecting the tape, or fluid if you go that route.

To speed up the overall process you could spray the ceiling.


I don’t know how thin the veneer on your table is or how damaged. As ever, try a small area before diving head long into a process that may not work!

In my experience, sanding has been enough to revive ring marked surfaces. Go through the grades coarse to fine.

Out of interest I did a search and vinegar rears its useful head as an option for removing ring marks.

Baking Soda is also mentioned. From a past disaster, it did work well to remove water stains, but from fabric. Kids!

Water damaged surfaces in oak leave a black mark which can be disguised with Oxalic acid which I have seen available as “Wood bleach" in DIY stores.

Langlow Patina is microporous which greatly reduces the chance of drawing moisture out the wood via the bottom of a hot cup and leaving a bloom / ring mark in the coating.

Once reinstated, nothing beats coasters, mats and table cloths for extending the life of a working table.

That is one of many ways to skin this particular cat!

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Hi Andy.
Thank you for your response. The lights seem to be fixed tight and flush to the ceiling so I expect they are ‘sprung’ in therefore difficult to remove unlike downlighters. I will try the masking fluid route and see how it goes.
The damage to the table is not bad so the routes you suggest should resolve the issue and I thank you for your input.