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Decorating bath panel

I have been asked to decorate - among other things - a bath panel. The customer is unsure which material to use but it will be, I believe T&G timber or a profiled composite board. Which is the best prep and finish to use.

just done one dado cladding and bath panel made from green mdf i primed with zinnzer coverstain followed with 2 coats farrow & ball estate eggshell

Hi Steve
Thanks for that. I kind of guessed Zinsser but somewhat unsure as to the finished coat being able to cope in an area where water is splashed around. I did think of a clear varnish finish over the paint for added protection.

The general rule of thumb is to use a premium grade topcoat, and for added protection, add an extra coat of the top coat rather than add varnish which isn’t generally tougher and is another product potentially to go wrong.

There was a trend, maybe it still goes on, with using emulsion paint on kitchen cabinets and then varnishing. The varnish would be appropriate in terms of being a tougher coating, but anecdotally, I have heard way more negatives than praise for this approach. If nothing else the ability of emulsion to adhere to the sorts of substrates you come across in kitchens must be questionable at best.

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Thanks for that Andy. I will apply your advice.