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Decorating merchants

What’s peoples personal experances off companys like brewers and cane and Adams,mine were,poor, one time I went in and asked for tray liners the guy didn’t even no what I was talking about,it wasn’t until I started using grays decorating that I realized how poor they were,I can pick the phone,or email,and if needed,go to his house to pick up stuff,if I need he will even open the shop just for me and that’s at Christmas,it’s a real joy to do bussiness with them,especially the owner am I lucky or are some off the big decorating merchants roll yours leaves ,would be interesting to no.What I like most is john will source any product I need if anyone wants to give grays ago there number is 01252 834624

Hi Darlic, where are you based
I use Cane Adam in Hawley Lane and Guildford all the time, never a
problem with supplies if they have not got the product there in the shop they get it in for the next day.

I use brewers… But I try not to use their mainstore (brewers) I use another company they brought called “decorators warehouse” it’s so much better. The staff know what they are talking about. They are polite and give better discounts! If I ever need anything specialist or short notice they sort it for me!

I have used Cain and Adams when I was working in Weybridge and Woking in Surrey and I couldn’t believe the price difference! I complained and got the difference back which was good service!

I would say to both off you if your working near give them a try, they are open 7 till 5.15 and Saturdays till mid day .cheers

Went to screw-fix today,seems to me theses company’s are uping there game,there selling dif and touprett fillers,how many of you guys are using them??