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Decorating over plastic transfers

Hi guys and girls.
I am about to decorate a room for a customer that has a self adhesive plastic transfer on the plasterboard walls. I have attempted to peel it off but it is taking the paper face of the plasterboard with it hence I am leaving well alone. I will have to fill and feather out around the edges of the transfer to take out what will be a ridge followed by the application of zinsser 123, followed by the emulsion finish that is required on the walls. Should I sand the face of the transfer to give a key to the zinsser and then sand down after prior to dec’s. Is this the right course of action and if not can you advise the best way forward. Many Thanks

Would sanding the face not allow you to get water to the backing? Maybe a drop of Zinsser DIF to break down the glue and soak it off.

Or if that doesn’t work, try gently pulling it off and leaving a feathered tear around the edge of the damaged facing paper. That way you are minimising any chance of a proud area once filled.

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A hairdryer might soften it and allow peeling? Depends on how old the glue is.

Or fill and line over that wall?

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Thanks Andy and puma.
My concern with trying to peel off is that the plasterboard facing paper degrades and the gypsum core becomes unstable. This transfer is about 1 metre high by 600mm wide. I think given your advise I will sand the face and very gingerly attempt both the water and hair dryer route.
Hopefully the plastic face will come off ok then I can deal with the backing as necessary. Thanks for your input. I will report back once job complete.

Plastic scrapper, and spray bottle with hot water and vinegar,start mix about 50/50 should do the trick,dont forget leave contact time for water/viniger to work.

Another good tip. I can’t say I have not got enough options now!!

Thanks Darlic

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Hi guy’s.

I took Andy’s advise and peeled the plastic transfer off which to my delight left a stable backing therefore all I had to do was to fine fill and sand to leave a flush finish without a ridge. Once decorated you would not have known anything was on the wall. A result.

Thanks Andy and all who advised.

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