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Decorating timber garage doors

I will be decorating a pair of T&G V jointed timber garage doors that face West.
They were last decorated with Sadolin Classic/Extra some 5 years ago.
The Sadolin is failing particularly at the lower sections and parts of the vertical joints to the V joints. What is the best way to prepare these doors ie is it best to strip back to bare timber to the whole area of the doors or do a partial strip to the affected areas. I suspect that the V joints are letting in moisture therefore a weakness so should I seal these joints with a flexible sealer and if so will the Sadolin adhere and cover the filler. Is Sadolin the best finish in this situation.

Many Thanks.
Richard. A keen decorator.

Thanks for posting Richard. Do you have a photo you can send me so we can have a look

In my opinion…I would quote to totally sand down to bare timber using the abrasive grits ( 120 to 180 ect) depending how smooth YOU think it needs to be.I have a festool extractor @ rts400 excellent sander.

But I would not seal up the joints.they are not meant to be caulked up. 1st coat of sadolin classic followed by 2 coats of extra. Sanding in between coats.

Keep it simple…but quality

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Thanks Mick
I too have a Festool - best thing I have ever purchased.
I will take your advice and proceed accordingly and try to pay special attention to the ‘V’ joints.
I will sand down to bare timber, clean down with meths and proceed as advised.

Many Thanks Mick


Your welcome. There are many options for this type of work.but I would use solvent over w/based on this occasion

Update on the garage door scenario.
I was about to start on this operation this Month but would you believe it somebody tried to break in through the garage doors and wrecked them so no job there then because the client is having to replace both doors. At least I’ve got the internal dec’s to do.