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Decoration over cooker hood

I have been asked to extend my present project to include decorating around a cooker area in a domestic kitchen. The kitchen fitters are only fitting the kitchen and hood surrounding the extract unit.
This surround is MDF with a vertical joint in the facia. Not very good for a new kitchen!!
Anyway I have to fill this joint followed by decoration.
What is the best filler for this joint given that it is a butt joint over a cooker.
Should I open the joint ( V joint it) to allow the filler to 'get a grip’
Should I continue to use the flat matt emulsion on this cooker hood as has been applied elsewhere on the walls.

Just an opinion Richard, but trying to get any filler to stay put and not move over a cooker is going to be a challenge. Hot and cold, dry or humid - the MDF is going to flex. I might think about using a piece of trim over the join - just a shallow bead or something - and make it a bit of a feature then paint it all the same. At least then they won’t end up with ugly cracking filler at some point in the future.

What paint are you using on the rest of the kitchen? I am wondering if you might be better to use an eggshell trim paint on the MDF (after priming) so it’s more scrubable.

My client is averse to a cover plate/trim over the joint. They were given to believe that it would be one piece but given the length - 3.1 metres - they had to have a joint.
I am now left to deal with it! I have been told today - via my client - that the kitchen fitters used a two part adhesive on the joint with a back plate, this may help.
I think my only choice is to advise my client of the potential problem, deal with the joint by filling as necessary and decorate as per the existing walls ie flat matt emulsion as they are adamant that the flat emulsion theme continues. I’m left holding the Baby!!
It is a shame that there was not enough thought put into this when the kitchen company were given the project. I think it’s called communication!

I guess as long as your customer knows the possible side effects then you’re covered. Hate it when that happens though.

On the positive side - when it all goes wrong hopefully they will call on you to put it right :slight_smile:

I am between a rock and a hard place, none of which is my doing.

Not a nice situation to be in. They will call on my services if a problem occurs, long standing customer but it is all about honesty and integrity and doing the right thing for the customer.
Ah well just another situation to put in the book. Trouble is the decorator is normally the last man in!!

might be worth considering Repair Care or Metolux…? - both are flexible fillers and adhesives - so they should bind the joint together and provide flexible filler properties too.?

re paint - would Perma White eggshell (very flat finish, more like a vinyl matt) be suitable? it can be tinted in pale colours.

Hi dave

I spoke to the kitchen people and they confirm a two part adhesive has been used on the joint.
I discussed this with the client and advised that there could be a problem at a later date.
The kitchen people told my client that as they have used MDF - known for being stable - and the two part adhesive there ‘should not’ be a problem. I have had to do a small amount of filling to the joint and will be decorating tomorrow with the flat matt emulsion. I have kept the client in the loop at all times and explained the potential problems to which they have accepted.
I have also said that if cracking occurs at a later date it will have to be assessed and dealt with. Hopefully the client will put the ball fair and square in the hands of the kitchen company.
I do have Perma White at the ready.

tricky one for you - you’ve done the best thing by being clear, open and honest about the situation - as you said, kept them in the loop and given them a likely forecast too! thats great customer service, good luck with it!

Hello… bit late to the party here, I guess…??? Am I missing a trick here, you want to emulsion a client’s kitchen hood?

Hi Martin.
No not the kitchen hood. The client has asked me to extend my decorations to include a facia over the cooker range. This MDF facia will effectively ‘box in’ the extract unit. It should have been the responsibility of the kitchen fitters but somewhere down the line my client hasn’t raised this ‘clash of responsibilities’ and the kitchen people have let the issue ‘slide past’ leaving the problem in my lap.
I have obliged - being the sort of guy that I am!
The problem as it stands has been resolved but, and I rang the alarm bells with my client, that problems may rear their ugly head later. We shall see!
Thanks for your interest.

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Hi Richard,
No problem - I fully appreciate the blurring of responsibilities and often have to work in similar circumstances.

All the best!