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Define paint & plaster "decorative" effects and finishes

Hi all,
Im writing this because I’m curious on the definition of what is regarded as a specialist paint finish and whether other types of finish could be included in this definition & specifically on this forum.
An example of what I mean is that a painted marble finish clearly falls under the definition of a paint finish but would a wall finished in scagliola be allowed under this definition.
Likewise with polished plaster? (eg venetian plaster, marmorino & teladakt)& the various effects that are possible with this medium.
My thoughts are that both paint and plaster are plastic mediums & both paint and plaster of various types are & have been used for decorative & finish effect.
Id be interested in all your thoughts on this & the suitability of this as a topic on this forum & any experience any have in this area.

Hi Paul, appreciate your questions and learned contributions.

Had to draw a rough line and some simple guidelines to help folks organise their thoughts. I have added decorative wall finishes as a section, where any of the age-old trowelling style techniques / materials you mentioned would be valid as a topic

If you have ever worked with scagliola, that would be a super topic btw. Looking here, it is a bit of an arcane art to put it mildly :slight_smile:!/3979/design-alchemy-the-secret-craft-of-scagliola/

Hi Andy, Thanks for your reply (Im anything but learned though) - Ive been interested in scagliola for many years but only just recently had a go at trying it. The samples I have produced are not scagliola inlay as such but the creation of a marble of sorts at the moment. As with the painted marble effect its an upward learning curve, and for me its early days. when I get organised Ill post my efforts.
shows some of the process and materials

Thanks for adding a section for these subjects.