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Deltec masking tape - AVOID!

I ordered a few rolls of this tape as I was running low. To be honest, it is a disappointment and I will not be using it again. The tack is awful, and it never seems to stick to anything. I know you can get low tack, but this should be labelled no tack!

At first, I blamed myself because I thought I had left some fine dust from sanding. I cleaned the area properly and then reapplied the tape. It did not make a difference at all; after five minutes, it was coming away. I switched to frog tape, and that worked perfectly.

I was masking some windows today, super clean uPVC, and as I needed 25mm, I had to use the Deltec. I was halfway around a bay window, and the first tape was already falling off. I don’t know if I had a bad batch but I will bin the rest of this.

I could not recommend it to anybody.