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Difference between exterior paint finishes?

Easy question here I suspect, but I don’t know the answer for sure so I’m going to ask…

Have some outside coming up, customer has asked me whether I’d recommend gloss, Matt or semi-Matt. Normally I’d just say they should pick whichever they like the look of best. But is there a “best”?

I’ve read here before that one person considered gloss best as it will resist dirt the most. Is this the only reason for picking gloss? Are there any other reasons for picking a different finish?

Customer wants F&B, but I’m going to try and steer her towards getting her colour mixed in Tikkurila Valtti with Otex undercoat for a more lasting finish, and see how that goes.

All free advice appreciated.

I have been using water based paint on exteriors for many years but I recently painted a set of fire station doors in Tikkurila Otex and Unica and found both products to be excellent to apply with superior coverage. I dont do many exteriors anymore but I would certainly look at the system I used. Tikkurila do a lot of exterior product so its worth a chat with Holmans Paint before you buy.

Water based products I’ve had the best results with over the years are Sadolin Superdec and Dulux Weathershield Aquatech Opaque, both cover well and do last. The Superdec comes in gloss and satin but the Dulux is a satin only.

Oil gloss is by far the most dirt resistant of any exterior product and Sikkens AZ is the best I’ve ever used.

Thanks Ron for your reply. I did have a chat with the guy at Holmans and he recommended the Tikkurila Valtti Ultra. I know this comes in Matt, semi-Matt or gloss. I also said to my customer that it’s a good idea to get the finish close to that of their windows, which they’re having replaced and will come painted. I guess on that basis the gloss would be the ideal.

I did also see a customer recently with a four-storey house wanting her sash windows doing. Since this will mean a lot of scaffold, she is up for using a hardcore paint so would the AZ be my best choice for longevity here?

I used Dulux Weathershield oil-based on my last exterior. Both undercoat and gloss had a nice amount of body. Owatrol didn’t help with the undercoat for long, but I guess that’s due to the warm weather. Owatrol didn’t seem to make much difference to the gloss, so I ended up using a dash of spirits. I used a Purdy Monarch, which was fine for the undercoat, but clogged up with the gloss. Any recommendations for a different brush? I’ve used Hamilton Perfections in the past, but find they round off quickly so aren’t as precise as a Purdy.

I personally wouldn’t want a matt finish. Most Valtti finishes is semi matt apart from Miranol (oil based) which is a very high gloss but you have to be quick with it.
Vallti Ultra is a water based semi matt finish and is a lovely paint to apply as is the whole Valtti range IMO.
You really have to decide on oil or water, Emily matt or gloss
I favour water semi matt but that’s just me!

Just checked and Valtti Ultra (according to Holmans site) does also come in gloss and Matt. Customer has decided she wants eggshell though, so semi-Matt it is.

[quote]Quote from pd67 on June 22, 2014, 20:47

Vallti Ultra is a water based semi matt finish and is a lovely paint to apply as is the whole Valtti range IMO.

I favour water semi matt but that’s just me![/quote]

If its good enough for the islands… thanks for the input. What are you working on for outside this “summer”?

This summer I’ve been using both Demidekk Ultimate and windows and doors. Also Valtti Miranol over tinted Otex and some Ultra