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Different ways to advertise

I have been working on ways to market my business apart from ,flyers which me and my son do on Sunday evenings ,I have been using a network off business I no well to place leaflets and posters,all in high traffic areas,I also have a friend in video production who has helped make two promotional videos,only last week I was offered a job but couldn’t take it on,but spent a day helping the family decorate free off charge,the customer has good business contacts,and large circle off friends thought that would be good advertising,never less got a invite to join a business, group,we also have laminated posters to place where we’re working,even placing our flyers on communty notice boards,our success rate has to say been excellent,I have turned so much work away just taking on the cream,the last big job I finished have another one to do for the customer so we must have done something write,but that will be next year.