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DIY based near Silverstone

Hi TP and followers

A quick intro as requested - I am a keen DIYer based near Silverstone who tends to tackle large jobs that just get larger and longer to complete as I try to achieve perfection! I have had a lot of experience painting but nothing as ambitious as a kitchen. But I have a lot to learn as I have never had any courses and often admire what professionals can achieve.

My present interest is painting furniture - my son tells me the modern term is “upcycling” so hopefully I’ll pick up some tips here as your website and forum is the most informative I have found. Have already started to buy from

Unfortunately I posed my first query under your “Comments” section before I discovered the forum - apologies for that. I’ll re-post it in the correct section of the forum.

All the best

John Atkins (“Sugarjohn”)

Hi John

thanks for the background. Sounds like you are trying to do jobs right, rather than focus on just getting them done for as cheap as possible. You are in the right place :slight_smile:

Also it is encouraging to see you like our suppliers too, we do a lot with MyPaintBrush because we believe in them and their ethos and customer service (they are born out the ashes of the amazing TDS merchants, which in its day was a disruptive influence and a great innovator in our conservative trade!)

Look forward to your questions.