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DIY Decorating enthusiast tackles melamine wardrobes

Hi Andy,

Jason Walker gave me a quick call a couple of days ago for an update on how I was getting along with painting my kitchen. He very kindly agreed to train me a few weeks ago for a reasonable small fee and I found his advice invaluable! I am progressing steadily.

I thought I should let you see some photos of the fitted melamine bedroom wardrobes I completed last year having emailed you for some advice. Im really pleased with them because it saved me approximately £1800 - the cost of replacing them. It took me approximately 4 weeks as I wanted to ensure they were prepared well enough and that the sanding gave the smoothest surface finish possible.

I used Krud Kutter, Dulux primer for difficult surfaces and 3 coats of Little Greene paint oil eggshell (Joanna colour).

I used a high-density roller to apply the paint and then laid off the paint using an Alpha Wooster brush. I used Abranet for sanding and tack cloths to maintain a smooth finish between coats.

Ingrid from Lilou Interiors has been invaluable with colour advice for my kitchen. Thanks Ingrid!!

Ive tried to add a blog to TP but have failed to get the photos to upload so if you would like to add my email to the blog I am more than happy for you to do so.

Best wishes to everyone at TP,

Jan Wilson

This encapsulates how I think DIY decorating should be done - not just the pro quality materials but taking the time do it by the book. Thanks for sharing Jan, and flattered that you embraced the TP way of doing things.