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DIY Kitchen painting Project - Photos

Sorry for the poor quality photos, but they’ll give you an idea of the end result.

17 year old oak kitchen, looking tired, but structurally sound. Scoured eBay for many weeks to find matching doors to allow me to add an extra base cabinet to give more storage.

All doors and drawer fronts removed, degreased, lightly sanded, primed and then top coated inside and out (2 coats inside, 3 coats outside). Handles replaced. End panels and top plinths painted in-situ. Bottom plinths and worktops replaced. New black sink, hob, oven, dishwasher and fridge. New tiled splash-back, walls and ceilings repainted, light fittings changed.

I got a professional in to replace the worktops, fit the sink and do the tiling, but the rest I did myself. There were times when I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew, but I’m glad I persevered and I am very happy with the end result and, more importantly, so is my wife.

Thank you very much for posting this, the fruits of a lot of hard work. You sound very pleased to be over it :slight_smile: Which points were the hardest to chew?

I suppose it just became monotonous removing doors/drawer fronts, refinishing them and putting them back. I could only do two or three at a time as I had to do all the work within the room and keep it functioning as a kitchen at the same time. Perhaps I should have invested in a drying rack so that I could have worked on more panels simultaneously and reduced the down time waiting for coats of paint to dry? However, when I add up how much I saved over buying a new kitchen (I had quotes from Howdens and Magnet) I feel that it was definitely worth making the effort and would recommend anyone considering renovating over replacement to give it a go. There is also a large Welsh dresser in the kitchen and I am planning on tackling that next, so the experience hasn’t put me off furniture painting for life!

Those units look very similar to a stack I have in my garage waiting to be renovated and put in the kitchen. One day I’ll get around to it :slight_smile:

What primer/top did you use on this one?

Nice job, has made a huge difference :slight_smile: