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Do you feed the workers?

Continuing the discussion from Don’t buy a pair of Axus painters trousers - buy 2 pairs!:

I can remember a client was having his house refurbished and dozens of contractors were floating around. Half joking he told me “You wouldn’t believe how much it is costing me in milk , tea and biscuits!”

Where do you stand when it comes to providing food and beverages for your decorator? Do you view it as an obligation, producing tea and biscuits 3 time a day, and would you rather not have to go there, or is it a fun / social part and parcel of the experience that you enjoy when you have workmen in your home?

It’s always nice to get tea and coffee throughout the day. A lot of my customers make me lunch and even dinner if I have to stay on a bit. Had one customer rubbing my arms and legs with cream after she noticed I had mosquito bites all over them,was a strange experience.

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