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Do you think the trade is finished?

I must say, @stevewestern your bio line is very eye-catching.

What made you think the trade was finished

I think what i meant by that was i have worked with only a handful of what i would call skilled decorators but i see so many “painters” out there, and i think we’ve all either seen them or been the poor sod called in to correct their work, they niether know nor care about what they can acheive more what they can get away with and i think killing this trade. Honestly your web site is a breath of fresh air mate it’s a real joy reading the emails and seeing the great work being done by real decorators. davewatts

Thank you for explaining, and thanks for your kind words. It is a lot of work to do things right, just got to keep the faith. Your story of despair almost at what is going on is actually very similar to that of every member invited to TP. We have all been taught to do it right and push for the best results, till we met we all thought we were odd!

I totally agree - I cannot claim to be skilled, nor am I trained, but I care about what I do, which is so much more than so many who seem to want to put as little into it as possible and end up giving so many in this trade a bad name.
Many times I have been asked by potential clients why I am more expensive than others, and I always ask if the quotes are like-for-like and how long the job is expected to take. Well, if I have said it will take me 6 days and the other guys says 2, then am I just slow or am I putting more time into it for some reason…?

when meeting a client for first time, once I’ve listened to their requirements I will always discuss the quality they’re looking for and what we can deliver. I often say I will not be the cheapest quote, but will offer quality and therefore value. I’m upfront about it! I sometimes quote my old boss at John Lewis who used to say ‘Quality will always be remembered long after the price is forgotten’

Be proud to show you care - about the work and about their home - it will separate you from the rest. If they want a cheap job encourage them to trawl through yellow pages!

I have found that by offering not just a trade, but a service, clients will seek you out and book you again and refer you to other clients who want quality and are happy to pay.

Dave d9 decor Bristol

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your absolutley right, i to go great lengths to explain why i might be a bit more expensive than some other decorators. I wish we had a recognised trade organisation that you earn the right to be a member rather than just pay a subscription and automatically be become a member, maybe it already exists, i dont know but if we had that organisation you would be recognised as a true tradesman and wouldn’t need to explain why it would be expected. I’ll get off my soap box know thanks again for your response. Davewatts

Hi Guys, I too have always found it’s best to say you’re not the cheapest but you are the best, especially with painted kitchens and furniture. I also tend to go into a fair bit of detail during a consultation, explaining the processes used, the attention to detail required and the quality product they will end up. Cheaper quotes invariably mean the little details are missing or ignored and the preparation and layering just isn’t there which will probably mean the units will easily chip and in the end it’s a false economy. I really like your old bosses saying Dave - ‘Quality will always be remembered long after the price is forgotten’ - very true! In the end, you get what you pay for!

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