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Dog stains on painted wall

What is the best way to clean an emulsioned internal wall that dogs have leant against causing a dirty stain. Don’t have a dog so not sure if the stains are greasy or not.
Next question is removing any residue of wallpaper paste from a previously emulsioned dry lined wall. I’m a bit worried about wetting it too much in case it penetrates the paint and degrades the plasterboard. Many Thanks

The stains left from repeated rubbing from dogsare indeed greasy, sugarsoap will work. Successful removal will depend on what its been painted with though, if its just mat emulsion you may well damage the paint finish. As for the wallpaper paste if its not overly thick then take a look at zinsser gardz, you can paint this over paste residue to seal it. To be honest though you can wash it off if you are gentle, the amount you can scrub again depends on what its been previously painted with. When i do it i wet an area with a brush, then wipe with a large synthetic sponge, you know when you’re getting through the paste as the sponge starts to grip.

Thanks very much Haydn. This sounds like a resolution.