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Don't buy a pair of Axus painters trousers - buy 2 pairs!

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Professionals in the market for painters trousers in the £20-£25 price range, this review of Axus painters trousers is worth a look. Professionals who prefer the £60-£70 super sturdy roughty-toughty Blaklader type of approach, these Axus trousers aren’t for you!

Painters work wear is a very personal subject, and everyone seems to have strong views. Where do you stand with overalls, pay a lot for quality build, or pay the minimum because you know they won’t stay clean for long, or don’t wear whites, or?

That’s a great review James. I use Shield Trousers but at £30 a pop I’m happy to look at cheaper, good quality but less heavy and Axus seem to fit the bill.
I got some Prodec ones once which are a similar look with the black knees etc but they didn’t last.
The Axus trousers are on my list for The P & D show in Nov.

I like the Fathog ones. Have been wearing shorts all summer to keep the lonely housewives entertained, just bought myself a new pair and my normal 32 waist don’t fit. Must be all the biscuits.

What other brands did you get through before plumbing for the FatHog?

Over here in Ireland there isn’t much to choose from except cheap ones that I’m not sure of the name. When Johnstones arrived over here ,I was buying the cheaper Fathog trousers but they always ripped when you bent over or shrunk in the first wash. Just found the evolution ones comfy and stong.

So you can’t get other brands from merchants, what about online, is the P&P too much for that option?

Yeah going to get some online shortly like the look of Engelbert strauss. Mypaint brush do the axus and postage with them is reasonable.