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Door furniture need to restore

Painting a front door and looking to restore letterbox and knocker for customer as a kind gesture they look worn was thinking, of using fluxaf then rustins brass restoer.

What are they made of??? Just be careful, I know that you are doing this as a very kind gesture, but, just be really careful that it doesn’t bite you… if it all goes Pete Tong, new furniture could cost you dearly!!!

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I agree with Martin - I made a similar gesture when first starting out and thinking it was brass, starting cleaning, but just destroyed what was in fact a lacquer coating!!
Once bitten twice shy!!!


Going to take your advice, will soak in krudcutter this can be used ,then use universal polish to bring up shine, or rustins metal restorer.

that wasn’t my advice…!

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The krudcutter wont harm it ,the universal polish made by neales can be used with good results, its a favourite at car shows ,but can also be used on brass ,metal with excellent results.