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Door step paint

Right went into decorators merchants and they told me whatever i put on my wooden doorstep wont last,is there any recommended ,paint with proven results worth buying.

white gloss isn’t always a good idea if people insist on standing on your threshold. You could always take it back to bare wood and use a Sadolin / Sikkens woodcare product. If the timber is a bit patchy, take the stain darker to help even things out.

Ready to paint doorstep,because we have had a lot of wind ,leaves have settled on my step leaving a stain ,will it be OK to use a oil based doorstep paint over it or is it a case off undercoating again,throught about giving it a light sanding with fine paper,to remove stain,i have had this problem with GRP,and have used light solution off bleach,that’s how much a leaf can stain ,but off course i wont use that its just a example,anyone have any recommendations,or cleaning products i can use preferably that don’t contain silicone’s that could affect the top coat. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Problem solved used a handy pad,rubbed with course then fine,but if anyone has any other idears would love to hear them.