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Drawing line between tweak and site revamp

Keeping a website fresh is important, but where do you draw the line between tweak and major overhaul?

I’m ready to give the overall look of my site a revamp but just do not no where to start! Any pointers Andy?

You have the content and the linking and the ranking for the types of contracts you are looking for, so primarily you might want to focus on a theme change.

Also as I’m sure Darren would agree, make sure you have it set up to make it as easy as possible for readers who want your services to make the next move to contact you.

Speaking with James Mott who runs CreativeCommunications, you also want to be looking at a Responsive theme, which comes with responsive plugins too. This will make sure your site is up to speed with the way people use the internet - ie ensures the site is visible and legible and resizes correctly on mobile devices.

When the site isn’t converting, its time to make some changes. Make one at a time, measure, then rinse and repeat.