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Dulux diamond matt

Fell in love with this paint, seems to cover nicely tough stuff. Add a bit off fairy washing up liquid, seems to flow nicely. Anyone else got an opinion about this product how to use to it best,thanks guys :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi J
I have used a fair bit of late and aggree the coverage is great, I add z bit of waterโ€ฆhadnt heard about fairy liquid as a conditioner though.

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Can I highly recommend you put away your washing up liquid. You are on a tight rope and no safety net if you use it as standard practice, really. Dulux are not going to talk to you if anything were to go awry.

Water first stop. Then if you need more conditioning, FLoetrol, which is a colourless acrylic additive and conditioner.

Zamix latex extender has had rave reviews, but it has been shown in a lab to have a blue tint, which was shown to adversely affect white Eico gloss paint.


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i use it as a standard because my DDC manager has me on a really good price for, since the latest new formula its improved no end, much much more of a matt finish, and like has been said add a drop of water it flows out lovely, i was using Zamix but id ran out and had to add water to it and couldnt tell the difference.

add it cleans out of scuttles better than what it used to, it used to be glued to the scuttle!

Hi Adam, thanks for that info. What rollers and brushes do you favour with the Diamond matt?

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Andy i used axus blonde to apply bullseye to walls,then to paint with dulux diamond,i used axus grey imaculate finish very good,worth every penny.

i use the Excellence Medium Pile Microfibre Roller Sleeve from dulux, i used to use hamiltion rollers i bought one of the excellence for a strong colour and was very impressed with the quality of it, leaves a really nice fine, not used anything else for the 6 years.

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