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Dulux Satinwood

Approx 5 years ago I painted an internal door with this paint - on one occasion after doing a job in the garden my husband left dirty prints on the door which didn’t just wipe off so I used Flash liquid to give it a rub. The result was that the paint literally came off (rubbed off). I thought perhaps it was me. Anyway, three years ago I had new doors which I painted in the same Dulux Satinwood - tonight I noticed a build up on the door (yes…he’s been in the garden again!) so I wiped it down with washing up liquid (in water) and again it’s taken the top layer of the paint off. I didn’t rub hard. The last time this happened I wrote to Dulux and they said they hadn’t come across this before. I cannot understand how I can clean the paintwork and what with - it’s ridiculous - has anyone had the same problem or can tell me why?? I used this paint as it’s easy to clean brushes etc and thought the first time this happened may just have been a fluke. Anyone recommend a paint - mid sheen?