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Dunlop Pro Decor

Just wondering if anyone has tried some of the Dunlop pro décor range of fillers now available on MPB, there does not seem to be many reviews on them yet I guess as they are fairly new products?

Dunlop Pro Decor fillers are good. I have been using the lightweight, deep filler compound and the acrylic filler (caulk).

The hydroloc system allows the lightweight and deep fill to dry really quickly.
Unlike many ready mixed lightweight fillers I found the Dunlop sands very well. Some of the other lightweight ready mixed seem to become rubbery and difficult to sand.

The deep filer compound an be overfilled and after a time, with a trowel, can be squared off in a slicing motion. It dries a lot quicker than the traditional deep filler that many use (gyproc bonding coat) and it dries hard.

The acrylic filler (caulk) is also good. A little more expensive than many. I cannot comment on the claims that it is more flexible and less likely to crack as I have only recently applied it. It does dry quickly though and I didn’t have any issues with paint adhesion either.

All in all a good range of products that will hopefully speed up prep times. Just hoping that more places will stock as although MyPaintBrush stock sometimes you need bits short notice.
As an aside all the Dunlop Pro Decor guys on twitter are very helpful so any questions can be sent to them.


Great to hear positive feedback on this.

I am going to be stocking the Dunlop range in the new shop and had a meeting with Gareth Birks (very nice guy and clearly good at his job) last week. Interesting and clearly top grade products and from speaking to Gareth they are really hot on their customer service which is always a huge plus.


I have found the lightweight filler a good product and am currently trialling the caulk which seems to live up to the label. It seems somewhere in the middle of a standard caulk texture and the more siliconised products like Hippo Pro 3, easy to work with and dries reasonably quickly.

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Has anyone tried the Graft products from My Paintbrush as I’d be interested to hear?

The Dunlop caulk says it dosent crack,anyone else using ,whats the feedback.cheers jason

I’ve used it, it was good. Tiny bit of cracking but I kind of expected it as I only left it three hours. I like to leave caulk over night if it can be helped. The mythic eggshell didn’t make geocell caulk crack and that was applef after one hour of the caulk being on… I believe it’s as much of the paint as it is the caulk!


Keep us posted on that much appreciated, also did you read the excellent article on crazing and caulk.cheers

(EDIT: I added link to the article where paint chemist keith explains why paint and caulk don’t always get on. )

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I’ve been using the Dunlop Caulk and have had no problems with it, drys fast too.

Just trialling the ready mix surface filler by them, seems great so far. The Graft ready mix wood filler being trialled too so will report back