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Durable paint for kitchen cabinet

Hi all,

Can anyone suggest durable paint for kitchen cabinets? That doesn’t mark or scratch easily.

Also, I heard couple of painters suggesting paint that has Lacquer, can you get that? if so what is the brand and can you get it in eggshell and can you colour match?

please advise.

Many thanks


Hi Baz
on the question of lacquer as an extra protective layer, it is not recommended for the majority of waterborne enamels from the likes of Tikurrila, BM etc. Extra coats of the finish is more practical. It means one less product in the mix, one less guess about adhesion and compatability.

There are paint systems which specifically are formulated with a clear lacquer in mind. Annie Sloan have a clear lacquer to protect chalk paint. There are also commercial grade usually spray systems where the basecoat is sealed with a clear lacquer for extra double durability.

We tend to use the first brands mentioned for painting cabinets.

Hi Andy,

Do you use Tikurrila Kiva brand?

many thanks for your response.

It gives translucent finishes. Clear or tinted, more for natural wood furniture than kitchen cabinets, so far.