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Dustless hand sanding v power sanding

I am busy doing a room,i use touprett interior filler,but when it comes to sanding when on low speed,bear in mind i use plastic tape on floor then go around edges with masking tape ,and protect all furnishings and plastic sheet at door so the dust docent travel around house,its like a cloud off dust most gos out the window,but i am aspiring to be good in my Field but still have a lot to learn how can i avoid the dust is this normal in decorating,i have found applying just the right amount off filler,then sanding a bit by hand then finish with the machine helps,and when leaving the room putting on disposable shoe covers so the dust docent get on the carpet,are there fillers that work effective without sanding?are there any tips that would help?whats the best sander,and hoover within affordable reach?i am using the dewalt good sander if only i could put hoover on the attachment any idears? :slight_smile: :frowning: Andy please bring your expert advice much appreciated.

For small filling jobs you could get a Mirka handy, some abranet and a Henry Hoover. That would make things almost dust free


I use a Mirka attachment with my Henry to get the worst of the filler off, but then tend to use some 240 paper to really blend it in. I find it’s easier to apply lighter pressure with paper in my hand, which also helps avoid creating a “valley” in the crack I’ve just filled (took me ages to work out why this was happening, think it’s because filler will be softer than the surrounding wall so the paper “reaches” into it more readily, leaving that tell-tale dip of your repair).

For corners and tight edges take a look at the cheapest sanding kit in the Festool range,

It isn’t dust free though, unless… that’s for another day.

Thanks any help is appreciated,is the mirka with henry dust free and what mirka sander and attachments will i need and how much?

The Mirka with Henry is about 90% dust free. There’s a link somewhere on this site to a website that sells is for about £32, last time I looked. You’re looking for the Mirka Abranet hand-sanding attachment, sometimes called the starter kit.

Mine’s a year or so old, packaging may have changed.

Hallmark Fraulo are offering Traditional Painter readers the 198mm starter kit for £33.07 inc VAT and delivery.

The gateway to dustless sanding!

Is the number 01992 899025 and do we just quote traditional painter,also Andy what sanding kit do you recommend i have a dew alt shame you cant get attachment for hoover otherwise i would,but i like the idear off dust free sanding.

Look at the Flex mini sander in this newsletter £30 and robust. And of course for walls you will be hard pushed to beat the ergonomics of the Mirka CEROS. And search Festools too.

Thanks andy you recomend the flex mini sander for the wood and mirka ceros with henry for the walls.

The sanders are interchangeable on wood or walls depending on what you need to get to.