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Dutch Doors

Hi,I’m a newbie on the forum but I’m a retired decorator.

I am currently repainting all the doors in my flat,and have been inspired by the fantastic gloss on Dutch doors, and want to move my skills up a notch or two.

I have been using Leyland trade undercoat(2 coats)and high gloss Black @ 15% Owatrol,(4-6 coats).

To get it smooth I use Tikkurila lacquer putty applied in two coats and sanded after each layer.

I apply the paint by roller first to guarantee a flat application.then a light brush with a Hamilton.

The problem I’m having is dust,as gloss black shows every imperfection.
As I live in a small flat,I don’t have a spare room I can seal off or a garage.

I could go down the route of polishing out the dust, but not 100% sure of the best method.

Or I could paint the doors in the bathroom filled with steam as a possible alternative?

Also,because of the long drying times, I’m struggling to keep the brushes and rollers from drying out. I’ve tried all combinations of bags,cloths and even tinfoil with varying success.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

HI, control your environment dust is a killer,i would put plastic, on carpets, hoover before you paint, and good tag rag on door, if outside i would dampen the path.Leave the perfection to god,i take it your going to sand inbetween coats,what grades are you planing to use?Are you using dust free sanding?

Hi,yes I’m using a Mirka hand-held sander,and a Metabo orbital both connected to a standard vacuum cleaner.

I first strip the door, and fill holes with decor fill. Rub down with 80g then two coats of primer/u.coat. Sanding with 320-400g.
Then two coats of oil based dark grey primer,sanding as above,all paint applied with roller then feathered.

Next, two fine coats of lacquer putty,sanded at 400g then1000g to finish.
Finally 4-5 coats of Tractol 318 sanded at 1000g.

After all that it’s the paint correction I’m struggling with to get a mirror shine.

I may have to delve into the word of auto finishing to get that standard of finish. I hope to give big G a run for his money!

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Well, you seem on the right track. What you could look at wood polishing compound on machine polisher, I use on furniture. I never tried it on a door but table ,worked well,not all paints can be burnished,and depends on its sheen level how shiny it goes.One painter i no,used diamond scratching,and no someone uses on marble floors,but never tried.

I have been looking at paints of Europe, looks amazing paint, has anyone used it?Something else i have done to produce a brilliant shine, is to apply a clear varnish over the top,three coats produces a brillent shine,you can see the pictures on this site.