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Easy Stain Wood Filler Recommendations Anyone?

Is it just me or is it difficult to find a wood filler that stains / oils to a close match to the surrounding original wood?

Have a couple of replacement lock striker plates that fit differently than the original. As such I need build up the small surrounding area where there is a glaring gap. But in the past everything I’ve tried (shed shelf products only) just glows out a different colour.

Specifically what I need to do is build up some oak door frame (approx 5mm wide and 2-3 deep) and then coat with Osmo Raw…but to achieve the same colour/finish/hue as surrounding oak with 2 coats Osmo.

Is there a magic wood filler that can be tinted / coloured or moded in some way to blend into the main oak sections?

Any recommendations would as always be very welcome.

If you have a selection of tinted wood fillers, you should be able to mix and match to the exact colour background. Adam in Ireland was saying the Graft work well, £2.99 a pop might be a bit wasteful

If there is a texture difference even the right colour filler may stand out, so you might need to get creative beyond colour.

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It might be worth trying the Prestonett Wood Filler - White, you can tint this in its wet state with a water based wood dye. You may need to play around with this until you get the shade you want.

The filler itself is easy to work with and sand. Bromborough Paints in Shrewsbury should have this in stock and is competitively priced. Data Sheet attached

PRESTONETT Ready Mixed Int-Ext Wood Filler .pdf (598.1 KB)


Thanks Aaron. Does the wood filler come in a light, medium and dark yet, or is that on its way?

Hi Andy, the Wood filler is available in white, natural, medium & dark all of which can be tinted, stained, varnished and covered with traditional paints.


Hi Andy, yes sounds sensible…I never considered to mix the different grades of pre-coloured fillers…have to confess to trying to find ‘one’ that matches the surrounding. As usual you make the question sound ‘bleeding obvious’ with the answer! :smile:

As an alternative can you add stains and mix up or is that asking for chemical trouble?

Many thanks

Hi Aaron, yes super stuff will definitely pop up to Bamborough and try a couple out and mix them to a colour match. Have to say if they work out only half as good as the Prestonnett Joint compound then I will be extremely happy.

If I was to add a tint to one of the fillers, any tips or recommendations as to how to do and what to add to it?

Cheers again Aaron

Try filler with filler first. If no joy, As long as the tinter is the same base as the filler you should be ok to mix away. Eg You can add emulsion to powder filler, or oil tint to patina etc but it can affect the drying time or consistency which you need to adapt to.


Yes sounds the lowest risk way to go Andy and two colour packs of Graft or Presonett still work out cheaper than a single Ronseal version in B&Q which is about £7 from memory. Thanks for the pointer

Our Prestonett Wood Filler is water based so you must tint/mix with a water based wood dye, if I remember correctly Bromborough stock the Liberon water based wood dye. Any questions you have got my details.

All the best.

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Nice one Aaron, I’m going to give that (and the method Andy suggested) a crack and see how we get on. Think a bit of practice will be necessary due to ‘non fixed’ formula but can see where both of you are coming from.

Mind you I have visions of 17 part used tubes of filler, 11 filler knives equally as many 1/10000 scale ‘near oak’ coloured models of Ben Nevis littered around the kitchen later today! The search for perfection continues :smile:

Thanks again

Clearly I am setting the ‘impressed’ bar way to low with you and Andy these days! :wink:

However … here goes… Unbelievable result! The mix of the two fillers (medium & white) has produced a near perfect match. No tints or additions required. When a couple of thin coats of Osmo Raw are on it, will be as perfect as I can get for sure. And so simple.

It frustrates me as well as I have spent so many years getting it ‘close but no cigar’! Tried it on an oak fire door frame and an aged pine door frame…both Osmo coated and the results (with the same fillers in differing measures) is stunning.

Many thanks again guys…has been a problem for an age, now consigned from the faded snagging list to history! Super result

I have just, well almost, finished sanding down a bathroom door. It was not the best piece of wood with more knots than a Badged Boy Scout! There are also chunks missing and I need to get them filled before I paint. What is the best wood filler?



Hi have you heard off u- pol easy this is a excellent filler and easy to sand,and another one ready patch hope that helps good luck.