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Eco-Ezee paint brushes

Oh dear - brush reviews don’t look brilliant do they? There’s a few people that love them but mostly DIY types. Ah well - I might have just ordered a new dusting brush!

Tried the Eco Ezee brushes a few years back when they first came out, didnt think much to them tbh!

Ben: Still trying out your Eico paint will feed back sooon!

OK so the brushes? I really really wanted to like it. But… if you have ever tried cutting in with a squirrels tail washed in fabric conditioner you’ll be familiar with the feel of Eco Ezee brushes! Great for putting make up on - not so great for paint.

The brush cleaned up surprisingly well (although I suspect if using ob paints the brush might have come out of the cleaner without the bristles) but afterwards the filaments that hadn’t fallen out were pointing in all directions.

Will I use the brush again? Yes of course - but not for painting. Perfect for the DIYers who are accustomed to using the Homebase nylon things - they will love the softness of EcoEzee.