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Eco Paint brand "Edward Bulmer' - help!

Has anyone experience of using Edward Bulmer water based eggshell?
its a hybrid but not like a LG/F&B/Fired Earth one - this has some serious sticky (linseed?) oil in it

My client has specified and supplied Bulmer paints and we are in the process of a five room project.

But the job came to an abrupt stop after we started using the water based eggshell. It was so heavy and sticky - slow to apply and after just a few minutes use our brush bristles started splaying, crossing and hardening to make laying off impossible

after various phone calls to Bulmer, to the importer Arrow and our own trial and error with different brushes and techniques we didn’t make much progress apart from me paying my team to faff about with paint for half a day.

20% dilution with water gave it a reasonable flow but as to be expected poor opacity. we had to work quickly (a bit like you do with ZinsserBIN) and we found laying off a major challenge. But then it stayed tacky for hours - i expect I’ll be prising the sash window open in the morning

brushes used were Purdy Dale Elite, Corona Delta, Hamilton, wooster silver tip and a Fox sash brush. But all suffered the same sticky fate. We were advised to wash out in warm soapy water then meths or thinners (negating the eco credentials of the paint?) and they certainly did need serious washing. The Elite is ruined and I’ve thrown away two Wooster pro-dooz 4" rollers too.

any shared experiences on this eggshell gratefully received

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Hi Dave, happy new year, although it doesn’t sound like it with this job.

I have not used these paints, I have tried to contacted a couple of people I know, one has used this eggshell, but Im still waiting a reply. Mac has used some EB paints but not this one specifically. His advice based on his experience was to follow the instructions exactly else “you will get in trouble”. Not wrong there, although it sounds like you have been to the source of the paint for instructions and still no joy?

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client decided against continuing with the Bulmer eggshell due to
1)the odour from frequent use of white spirit to wash brushes every 20 minutes or so.
2) poor opacity and finish

(client went for F&B eggshell which was joy to use!)

Incidentally I would highly recommend the Bulmer emulsion - good opacity and coverage similar to Earthborn (maybe made in the same German factory…?)
But the Bulmer eggshell - while it may appeal to a hobby painter / ecowarrior who enjoys all the experimentation necessary to get a decent result - is extremely hard work to apply and cost me a lot of wasted time and money

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