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Efficient products to use?

Hi my fellow friends,while walking around town,noticed lots of painting,and building going on,i was taking a closer look ,what paints
they were using,to if they were efficient painters.or not.So many painters
still seem to be using crown dulux oil,16 hour recoat,well its cheap and doses the job,but how long it stays white for only time will tell,i have
started over the past year using only waterbased,its faster,quick recoat
times and durable,and shouldn’t yellow like so many oil based glosses
do.Lets make this a section we can talk about efficent products

Hi darlic
I have always steered away from water based paint because I could not get as good a finish as I did with oil based because as I’m sure you all know oil there is more working time with oil based therefore you can play with it a bit longer and it lays better. Water based paint goes off too quick for my liking but having learned from this discussion board that wetting the area where the paint is to be applied and of course wetting the synthetic brush does help. A bit more practice and I might achieve the desired finish. Perseverance is the key word. Any more help would be gratefully received.

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waterbased is so much faster,i cant see myself going back to oil unless a customer wants that.All oil based paints yellow,then theirs the drying times.

Very good product