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I have a client who wants a eggshell finish on her skirting, doors and other trims around the house already painted in oil based gloss. The price range does not allow for Little Greene eggshell but more around the Dulux and Johnstones price range due to the amount to be repainted. I would like to use acrylic for its drying time and non yellowing compared to traditional oil eggshell but wonder if it would be durable enough with 2 coats?

Have you looked at zinnerer perma white eggshell,exellent product.?

As far as I know he perma white is mainly for ceilings probably not durable enough for doors and trim

Will be fine ,on woodwork ,I used on a inside off front door, its, worth its money, for more info on Zinsser,they do a excellent mini pocket guide.

Can anyone offer me some Eggshell suitable for interior trim please ?

I had some Johnstone`s acrylic eggshell spare so painted a sample bit of wood with a few coats left a couple o days then scratched it with my finger nails and no marks even scratched it with a set of keys and the paint remained untouched! infact it left dents in the wood rather than the paint coming off. Would you think on that basis it would be suitable for interior trim and doors? although its viscosity is on the thick side

The data sheet says Wood, metal and plaster. Also suitable for use on wallboards,concrete, cement rendering, brickwork and blockwork in internal situations as well as Rub down previously gloss painted surfaces with fine waterproof abrasive paper and rinse thoroughly before applying a pre-coat of Johnstone’s Joncryl Water Based Primer Undercoat… Similar to their acrylic gloss and satin

Hi Mate. If budget is an issue you could look at Armstead. They do an eggshell which I think is WB and it’s less expensive than some.