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Hi folks
Whether your thinking of employing a painter or work in peoples houses, its important to no the Law.If your employing a painter?
What checks would you do?
Apart from giving a statement ,would you give a written contact or verbal?
When times are lean what would you do?
How would you deal with poor performance?
Do you understand fair disciplinary procedures?
Working in customers houses, what’s expected of you?
How do you deal with payment problems?
Not sure on customers?
Look forward to your contributions

Hi folks do you have Business legal expense insurance, or pay a retainer fee to a solicitor firm?Most business expence insurance have a helpline, downloadable documents, and wealth of info,and have a panel of solicitors they recommend, if you decide to use your own, there will be a cap on costs. Also
before taking on a case, they would look at the case to see if there’s a good chance of winning. The other option, use a solicitor who specializes in your area, of work.

Next section, apart from given a written statement of employment particulurs,would you give a written contract or verbal contract? We mustn’t forget we cant take away peoples rights but only add to them. If you want to change a contract, you will have to enter into meaningful consultation, unless there’s a clause in the contract.

Next, when your business is loosing money what do you do, its creating a weight on your mind your thinking ahead, you don’t wont to lay off, so part time hours could be an option, but you need there agreement if there employed. What options, do you have? Lean times can be a good time for pruning,but if you make someone redundant you cant reemploy someone in that position for three months.More to follow soon, pressing business need getting rid of old contract ,giving them a new contract.

Changing contract
1 putting good effort into consultation
2 looking at alternatives
3 good business reason
4 putting them on notice.
For an employer its all about the wait and see approach.For new employers its good practise,to check to make sure, staff your thinking of employing,havent been through the tribunals. We will also talk about crb checks,whats needed also something important not all employment problems go through a tribunal, some county court and risks attached to that, and tribunals.

First part employer
Most small business who employ people, pay a retainer fee to a specialist legal firm, these company’s will employ advocates,
people who are specialists in there field, with good success rates in tribunals/ county courts
Most will also have legal expense insurance.
Part two employee
Self fund,or possible legal expense.
Most legal expense insurance only take on the case if there over a 50 percent chance of wining,and you would have to use there panel of solictors,or be caped on how much they will pay if you use your own.
Not all employment problems go to a tribunal, some county courts, example breach of contract change of hours ,unless the job has ended.Most employers will be represented, by a barrister, someone who can do flying somersaults, the employee, representing themselves, or, lot less experienced solictor,or legal executive. It is sort of the rolls v the mini.
More to follow

Next part
How deep are your employees pockets
Making financial enquires in there ability to pay.
Worth bearing in mind for county court, a specialist barrister, could work on between four to eight hundred pound an hour.
More to follow

Employment Tribunals
Early conciliation, there to solve employment disputes.Anyone failing to try conciliation wont be popular.
Cant claim costs against your employee if you win, in most cases
They cant enforce, tribunal awards.
You can appeal, and challenge a area of law.
its wise if your planning, to sack someone you follow fair disciplinary procedures failure to do this would increase an award by 25 get good documentation in place.
Will update soon

Vetting staff.
Next part coming soon