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Enviromental Alternatives to Mastic Sealant Tubes?

Morning all, prompted by responses to a parallel post about Repair Care and a Conservatory renovation, I’m realising just how many plastic tubes of filler I’m getting through … even for a part time home user like me the last few years.

Whilst looking at a suggestion about where to get a 360 deg sealant gun, I saw reference to a ‘foil gun’ … and also ‘reusable nozzles’ … is this an alternative to tubes?

Would be good if it was and if it is then how usable and what quality might they be?

Or indeed any other practical alternatives to endless tubes of plastic housed product?

Interested to read and understand the alternatives …if indeed there are any. And if there are not surely this is an area of focus and growth for the industry in these current times?

Just a gentle bump to this question please. We are doing some serious plastic elimination in general with a lot of success and interested if this one has legs or not going anywhere?


The only thing that comes to mind is a shipwrights / chandlers store on the West Coast of the US sold empty cartridges which you could fill with your filler of choice. This was about 10 years ago, you could put me under hypnosis I might be able to dredge up the name of the place.

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What about using your empty tubes to put wallpaper adhesive in?

Is a creative idea Jason for sure. For me, it’s been 25 years + since I put a piece of wallpaper up :slight_smile:

It’s just that we have absolutely ploughed through the plastic reduction … eliminated nearly everything bar engine oil, soured cream, double cream and a couple of other kitchen things for glass and metal sourced … but decorating products, a good bit less so with the injection products. While doing a large conservatory I became aware of a mountain of injection products building up … great products but the residue is quite considerable.

It strikes me it could be a an area where the right company could dip a toe. Into a conservative business maybe. I guess right now that could be a business risk and likely add cost.

Yeah and I guess more and more (for me at least) the products I’m using in tubes are a bit more specialist and costly. Like the Repair Care stuff.

It would be interesting to have a product database of environmentally sound and tested products were plastic packing is minimised. I’d use that. maybe it exists somewhere?

I suppose it’s two fold … the plastic packaging but also the contents. I’m fully moved over to quality enviro paints and nearly all come in metal. That said this conservatory still being done in Rubbol and XD. And fillers also in metal but these plastic injection tubes … it’s surprising there are no practical or even early days alternatives.