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Ercol stripping

ive stripped quite a number of ercol pieces, ranging through dressers and tables etc etc.
these all strip just fine using paramose stripper which im lead to believe is the same as nitromoors was.
i have 4 dining chairs at the minute and i am really struggling too strip them, the paramose doesnt touch the seat area and isnt great on the legs and back support area although it does eventually strip.
ive read via googling that in may be nitro-cellulose and if it is acetone may well do the job.
the thing is i dont want to be buying one chemical after another just to try it so was hoping some here might have some knowledge on how to strip these and in the future more of these chairs.
thanks in advance.

Hi you could try Paul weaver restoration Farnham,he should be able to guide you in the right direction,a real master at that.cheers

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Hi! I would contact Ercol them selves, (probably best to contact factory directly) as they are still operating. They were able to help a client of mine by telling them what lacquer to use to recreate their finish. Sorry, it may be an obvious start, but just incase you missed it :smile:

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