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Excessive bubbles in paint from foam roller?

I recently worked on a new kitchen painting job on a brand new kitchen install. It was workshop primed (and tinted) so required 2/3 top coats and the usual filling / caulking.

The other decorator I worked with had major issues with his foam roller leaving bubbles on the surface. I was working with a different colour (both F&B eggshells) and my foam roller (Dulux high density) seemed to work fine. Not sure of his brand however I put it down to the roller.

When i later returned to complete the work and paint the final coat on the other decorators units I had the same issue with the other colour. I was using a high density roller (but dont think it was Dulux, found in van and looked very similar in structure) however I even noticed that when applying with a brush a few bubbles would appear. In the end I abandoned roller and finished with brush however I am left wondering if it was the paint?

Any thoughts?

Here’s a picture of some of the completed kitchen

Did you thin the paint?

No not with the troublesome colour, I believe the other decorator had - the paint already seemed pretty thin when I poured it out of the tin

Other possible reasons /combinations: the pile of the roller not dense enough

Overly speedy roller action.

That doesn’t explain your bubbles when brushing though. Did you use the F&B primer undercoat. If not, the eggshell may have an incompatibility issue with other brand primers. If you did follow their spec to the letter, ask F&B if there is a reason. Hope they help beyond the usual explanation of “user error”.

It all dried flat, no bubbles?