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Exterior Painting over New Putty

I am new to the Forum - I run a small rental property portfolio and have been developing (and painting and re-painting!) property for many years. I am an avid fan of F&B paints, but am seeking some advice since they went eco on painting over putty on exterior woodwork - non-oil based paint does not seem to be happy in this situation.

Specifically, can I use an oil based undercoat and F&B top coat (leaving for 2 weeks before painting as F&B advise)?

Any advice on what’s the best paint (including undercoat and top coat if not F&B)over new exterior putty (on hard wood Sapele frames) and how long to leave it before applying?

Thanks everyone.


Hi Anna

welcome to the forum. Check out the Repair Care option which is compatible with all paint.

The putty is new, has the sapele already been painted? If already painted, and in sound condition, the choice of paint is yours.

If it is bare sapele, I would go traditional!! aluminium wood primer and oil paint system. Simplest. Sikkens AZ or XD are tough paint systems.

If previous coating like Sadolin, you could go for Zinsser Coverstain oil based adhesion primer and topcoats as you wish.

Hope that helps. If you have any before and after photos they are always welcome.