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Exterior painting shed (Hincie post moved here)

Dont know if i should start a new thread but here goes question one. Preferably i’d keep to interior work but its far too nice weather for that so the next few jobs are exterior.

So I’m painting a shed next week. Its been stained before with wickes wood stain. The customer wants to now paint it. I have suggested Little Greene oil eggshell and he has chosen so at least its a nice dark colour. So my question is what kind of primer to use? BIN, Cover stain or 123 (or any other suggestions)? And do i need to use knotting solution then prime or just spot prime with BIN then completely cover with one of the previously mentioned primer?

Edit: And what filler would you recommend? Toupret Gras A Laquer, Sikkens spatchel or something else?

Edit#2: Sorry! I was thinking either a mohair or a wooster polar bear sleeve then lay off with a wooster alpha. Is this the right method?

And another quick question about a personel project of mine at home. What would you use to prime MDF if using LG intelligent eggshell for finish coat? I have been told by my local paint merchant to use cover stain but I am a bit worried to put water based over oil. Yellowing i hear maybe an issue but i am using mid stone warm so i guess that is a non starter considering the colour (

Many thanks in advance for all your help.


you are on trend! Garden sheds being finished to high standards are making a few fashion waves this year.

Not sure what Wicks wood stain is, is it like a fence / creosote type product or more like a Sadolin Classic?

Cover Stain is designed for cedar siding which would cover your situation. Belt and braces, hit the knots with a sander to remove whatever the stain is, and seal with clear knotting before Cover Staining.

Top coats, I think I would go water based acrylic, to be honest, in this case. It will get the job done quicker and easier and it will be similar outcome in terms of the look.

The polar bear mini sleeves are a beast, hold so much paint, but I don;t think I would use one in oil. The Fox velvet flock rollers are an option that will serve you well in both Cover Stain and the water based topcoat. A pack of 4, will get you through the job. Laying off with a fine tipped brush, so Alpha and a host of others. If you have one already use it. Or if you are buying for the job, a Silver Tip or a Fox are spot on and come in at good prices too.

I think this also covers your question about Cover Stain on MDF. It is designed to take any one pack finish paint.

If you have before and afters, don’t be shy :slight_smile:

The Gras a lacquer are for super fine finishing, taking front doors and the bees knees jobs to the next level. Fine Surface Filler sounds about right for this job, the paste rather than the Red Devil type lightweights.

Thanks for moving the thread Andy and for the replies.

It was stained with wickes fence / creosote type product.

I will order intelligent eggshell then rather than oil, i just thought it would give a better finish and last longer considering it was an exterior job.

So I’ll use cover stain to prime. I already have knotting solution but it isn’t clear. I do have a spray can of BIN and a tin also though but don’t mind buying clear knotting if needed.

Considering the fact that I have changed from oil to water top coat I was then thinking a picasso for the eggshell and the alpha for the cover stain? Roller wise considering I only have 4" Prodoo-z 3/8" pile on me what would you buy for both types of paint? Still the fox’s? If so i think I’ll have to buy a new frame as its been ages since i used a non wooster roller. Don’t really mind buying new brushes for both if needed as i could do with a new brush (i can always do with a new brush, like Christmas every time lol sad isn’t it).

Considering I am priming with oil is there any reason I can’t just use mx110 then? Or will that just fail still? If so, are you talking about something like Toupret Ready Mixed Fine Surface Filler? I did think the Gras a lacquer was a bit overkill but i do want to make a decent job of it. (looks like i am sponsored by Toupret but I’m not lol, i just trust their products not to flash. I guess because of the marble dust?)

I have taken a few pictures of my project already and will post them when i have the after photo’s, same goes for the shed but i start that tomorrow (crossed fingers).