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F&B eggshell - Kitchen Cabinets

Help and advice needed please. Kitchen cabinet job carried out in December 2018 finished in in F&B eggshell. client happy. In May 2019 called back, client saying ‘it hasn’t worn well’ and may need redoing. Visited, no paint failure whatsoever but she was unhappy that the sheen had dulled inconsistently so it now has dull spots.
Finished with F&B ‘Brinjal’’ in exterior eggshell.
Any advice on how to take this forward - does overcoating with say Polyvine work? would F&B Modern Egg (their old floor paint) be better?
last q: should I charge client for this or take it as ‘snagging’ …

Who recommended F&B?

Referral from F&B shop and client wanted it rather than my usual choice of Helmi 30. However It’s how I go forward from here…

I would contact F&B. If adhesion hasn’t failed and you used the F&B spec, surely it is for them to come up with a solution / explanation first?

If you don’t contact F&B first, but try to solve it applying Polyvine for example, a 3rd party product, you are cutting yourself off from F&B’s line of help.

thanks Andy. I did speak with F&B showroom manager but she said that would be fair wear and tear from cabinets getting wiped! I’ll let you know how I get on with F&B technical dept.
Has anyone tried their ‘Modern Eggshell’ rather than Estate or Exterior eggshell on cabinets? Interesting that the cabinets we painted in Elephants Breath estate egg were fine, Its the Brinjal that has the fading

i would hazard a guess it mite be the cleaning products used,dont use polyvine its not that great .and once you touch it you own it.
am i right in reading that it was exterior paint that was used internally ?
are any of the affected areas receiving sunlight ?
as for going forward if you have used an exterior product internally you wont get much joy from f&b i would guess as it is not specified for internal use ,ultimately,the client wont want to pay for it to be redone and neither will the paint company unless you can prove it has failed, i would push for a site visit from f&b to explain it to the client that way you are removed from the firing line and the client can argue the case with f&b ,and then you will get paid to re do it.

Thank you for reply - yes I use Exterior egg for the very dark colours if client insists on F&B as we’ve found it cures/hardens quicker than the estate egg. I’ve asked the client to contact F&B direct and now awaiting reply. She asked me today if we were to repaint in Tikurilla would it retain sheen. But as you say I feel it’s kitchen cleaning products being used twice a day ! She wants it repainted, she’s asking me whether we go Brinjal in Helmi 30 or she chooses something like Down Pipe or Railings which have never had a problem.

you would be better off using benjamin moore scuff x as it cures fast and is water based ,and there genx colour lock is better

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eventually a reply to my client from F&B

thought you might be interested how F&B responded to the clients disapppointment , not that the paint has failed or chipped, but the sheen level has gone patchy

(F&B might like to invest in a spellchecker too!!)

Hello Jo,

My apologies for the delay in coming back to you.

Thank you for the email and the photographs.

When that timber has been used to create a surround to a granite worktop.

There will be a certain amount more wear on a vertical surface as apposed to a horizontal one. Farrow & Ball paints are designed to be decorative and not industrial. Using the product in this minor will create more wear and tear over time for example shopping bags chopping boards plates etc being places or dragged across the surface. The is a big difference in the durability of a granite surface as apposed to a wooden painted one. It is sadly not designed to be used as an alternative to traditional worktop. Although I do think that it looks lovely.

Should you wish to keep this feature in your kitchen I would be happy to offer you a goodwill gesture on this occasion of a 750ml tin to support the upkeep that will be required in the future.

If you would like to take up this offer, please let me know a suitable address and I will arrange this to be sent to you as soon as possible.

Remedial work would be to lightly sand the area and then reapply a full even coat as and when required.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

At least that’s a step up from their customer service years ago. Quite how big a step, I wouldn’t like to say.

Where do you go from there?

F&B have replied to customer again suggesting their Modern Eggshell (used to be labelled floor paint) . Customer has asked for F&B to pay me two days labour to repaint but I’ve heard nothing since !