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F&B exterior eggshell for cabinets?

Hi All
I’m booked to handpaint a new fitted kitchen, it will have been spray primed, undercoated and first coat of F&B 'Down Pipe’
My job to handpaint two further coats of F&B, client wants it painted in F&B exterior eggshell as they believe it will be harder wearing, less likely to chip etc.

I,ve never used F&B exterior, any thoughts? does the exterior lay off ok?

Martin Guest in Worcestershire is something of a F&B exterior eggshell expert on kitchen cabinets. To quote:

Look forward to your update Dave, that was for the kitchen co?

thanks! yes its for the kitchen co - week of Nov 18th - I’ll keep you up to date

F&B Exterior egg went on well - combination of Wooster 4" roller, Pic Bulls and lay off with Royal&Langnickel for really smooth finish

F&B don’t advise use of exterior egg for interiors, they say its formulated to resist weather and it’s not harder wearing or more resistant to knocks.

Kitchen fitters specified F&B exterior as darker colours dry faster.

As with a lot of Exterior products they can contain biocides to help prevent against the formation of mildew, mould etc etc - this is the case with the F&B exterior eggshell. You are advised by a lot of manufacturers not to use products with biocides inside as they can give off nasty vapours - depending on the biocide used.
Some companies use natural biocides such as industrial vinegars so these can be used internally without problems. Check first to avoid any problems!

I think F&B Exterior Eggshell is thinner and applies easier than the interior product. I’ve also heard brushmarks flow out better to. Though I haven’t tried it.

Exterior products have to fulfil different criteria to interior ones. They don’t have to be as abrasion resistant but they do have to cope with wide temperature variation. But I have heard the exterior product is quite popular for kitchens so you shouldn’t have a problem hopefully.

As Ben says, if there are any fungicide present in the paint I would avoid it. These are more prevelent in exterior oil based products as mould grows easier on, and under, that than it does acrylic paint.

Following an invite to F&B factory recently I asked and they confirmed Estate Eggshell is a water/resin hybrid, Exterior Egg is acrylic.
The techies there said there was no health hazard to apply Exterior Egg to kitchen or for the client. Main benefits of Exterior was its flexibility.
They wouldn’t comment on drying times.
Unfortunately they were vague and non committal about the purpose or benefits of their primers!

Hi Dave, Im glad you spoke to F&B as I’m a fan of the exterior Eggshell. I love the fact that its thin, covers well and also has a little bit of levelling to it as well. Ive used Mylands Eggshellwhich is very similar. The mylands can be used inside and out.

Hi Scot
yes it was certainly an interesting day at F&B (!)

have to say, since Ron Taylor put me onto it,Mylands eggshell is now my recommended choice for woodwork - great adhesion, flows and levels like Satura, superb lustre finish and when cured gives a really tough protective coating.

Happy to use F&B if asked, but I think Mylands is a considerable way ahead of other premium brands, so would always get my reommendation.

Brewers Bristol get Mylands next day for me

Evening Dave
I am going to use mylands eggshell ( first time using a water based eggshell on trim and doors in white) very soon. this is my spec: abrade with a mirka sanding pad fine.then wipe over with krud kutter ’ gloss off ’ then apply 2 coats of mylands. Roll doors using a axis lime roller. Lay off using a 2in Picasso. Should be job done. HV read Ron Taylors review and he rates it 100%

What’s your take on this


sounds good Mick.
note Brushes and hands need a really thorough wash after using Mylands as it sticks and adheres very well, too well! So I store overnight in Krud brush cleaner.

[quote]Quote from dave D9 decor on January 28, 2014, 19:51

yes it was certainly an interesting day at F&B (!)[/quote]

Sounds like you learnt something but not much? What else did they have to share?

Hi Mick I don’t think you can go wrong with that spec mate:) I did a HSL with 25 doors with mylands and the opacity was great…well everything Dave and Ron have said I agree with its a really Good paint

thanks to scot an dave for advice. cheers fellas