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Fairy Liquid as paint conditioner

In these days of water based gloss, satin ect, we are all looking to keeping the wet edge open. Floetrol is a great product but expensive for what it is.

When I used to do more decorative, I used to add a spot of fairy liquid to acrylic glaze and scumbles. Worked a treat.

Has any one tried it in their acrylic gloss or satin? I keep meaning to but havent got round to it. So if anyone has, I will be interested in their thoughts.

I would be very sceptical about Fairy Liquid to paint. I knew a decorator who added it to paste, but I was never sure why.

I much prefer Zamix Latex Extender to Floetrol now. You don’t need as much and I think it gives better levelling and wet edge time.

Ron, where do you purchase the Zamix Latex Extender???..can’t find it anywhere on line!!!

Darren, ring BDS Paints Ltd on 0844 854 1601. Their products are not available online as yet, but they do deliver when you ring this number.
They are also the importers of CanTec masking tapes and XIM Peel Bond

I much prefer Zamix Latex Extender to Floetrol now. You don’t need as much and I think it gives better levelling and wet edge time. [/quote]

I purchased some of that stuff a while ago (from the Greenford Decor Center- white city branch 0208 7492600), it looks exactly the same but the name is different. Mine says it is made by Xim and called XIM Latex Extender, cost £9.20 excl VAT. The odd thing is that the product does not appear on either the XIM or Zamix website. or rather XIM Laytex extender is on the XIM site but looks more like floetrol than the blue liquid. :?


ZAMIX stands for Zinsser Alternative Mix. After Zinsser squeezed out their original UK distributors they got together and set up Paintz Limited and looked for similar products from the USA. So I guess the product is indeed made by XimBonder, I still dont understand why it is not on the XIM site though.

You could always phone Paintz to find a local supplier 0844 854 1601 (errrr… which seems to be the same number as BDS Paints Ltd).

Has anyone tried ethylene glycol neat ? I notice you can buy pharmaceutical grade on Amazon ? I may try it if you guys think its a good idea ? All I can say is as an average painter, I have only used Floetrol and it sure has helped me with a particular paint I had to use which was specified for hospital use. Oh, and yes I did to a test batch with and without…and the results were clear, a paint extender did reduce brush strokes and increase wet edge time. Looking forward to trying Xim. I feel another shoot out coming on.

Is dulux quick drying satin a hybrid paint,Sorry if I’ve got this wrong but could you add a paint conditioner to this or just a small amount of water if any or just add water to the surface your applying it to.Cheers

Chris yes it is a hybvrid. They were a bit quiet about that and even told outright lies to me when I asked at DDC but a hybrid it is. You could use a conditioner with it but before I stopped using it (as a protest) I only used a drop of water to get it to my preferred viscosity.

It really is a quick dry though so even adding water and/or extenders you still need to work quite fast with it. If you get it right though you can get a very nice finish with it.