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Farrow and Ball dead flat

Dead Flat is Farrow and ball’s eco replacement for their Flat Oil, which to all intents and purposes was a traditional oil based wall paint. I applied quite a lot of this paint on older properties, usually 2 decorators with 4" Hamilton Perfections painting like the wind, sometimes with an extra pair of hands on a large hall, stairs and landing.

Farrow and Ball flat oil did have a very deep and interesting finish, compared to the Dulux version. In general, although flat oil was tougher than standard emulsion paint, it did still mark.

I received this question from Malcolm.

[quote]What do you think? Is it any good? Seems better than the 'new’
eggshell in many ways. Can’t tell the difference from the old oil based
dead flat. [/quote]

It would be good to hear insights and comparisons between the old and the new.

I think the new eggshell is the business. ok, it might not cover as well but its strong, good adhesion, dries fast and hardly any fumes compared to the oil.