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Farrow & Ball Paint Query

I know there has been much discussion on F&B paint but having painted all the woodwork in my house in F&B Oil Eggshell New White I now need to do some repairs and the Estate Eggshell just doesn’t match. I wondered if anybody else had tried to match both colour and finish with any success. The closest I can find is Little Greene White Lead Mid. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Hi Mandie
Think you struggle a little on this one if you are trying to match in on a repair. Even if you had some oil based paint left over and used that, it would show up. The reason being is that in time, and pending the amount of direct sunlight, oil based paints discolour with age and the lack of uv light. You could try a local trade paint merchant to see if they have a match or an equivalent colour in oil based eggshell that they could mix up for you but it will always stand out as it will be brand new paint and as you say, the sheen will also be different.
Sorry, i know this isn’t much help but good luck and let us know how you get on.