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Farrow & Ball — really?

Hi, amateur here finding F&B paint hard going. I have read the long post by Andy from 2012 on their primers and undercoats, and concluded I was best to stick with F&B’s own undercoat for a Modern Eggshell finish on a couple of doors.

One target door had a variety of previous coats so flatted down properly, washed with sugar soap, and painted on the mid-tone u/coat, working quickly and laying off carefully because it was hot, hot, hot and the paint was going off quick, quick, quick.

The result was really disappointing, yes coverage OK but heavy brush marks that needed flatting again. To add to the misery, the u/coat is very resistant to flatting, rapidly clogging sandpaper of whatever grade.

I have never had to work so hard to get a decent finish with the Dulux products I generally use, not even using their quick-dry paints outdoors on a hot day, where speed is of the essence.

Would I have been better to use an aluminum primer, as the pro decorator did on the previous work that I am attempting to match? That stuff stinks like mad but it did the job all right without needing lots of extra work.

When using F&B in this heat you will need to do two things.
First thing, add some water to it, it needs thinning down, not a lot of water but enough to help it flow, a bit of trial and error to get it right.

Second thing to do is to get yourself a new lint free rag, wet it with cold water then wring out , now with the dam ( not wet ) cloth wipe over the surface you are going to paint then get the paint on, no hanging around!!

This will give you a little more time to work the paint.



Great tip with rag, maybe better starting very early morning.

Thanks Neil, both tips actioned, about one part of water to 6 of paint, surface damped, worked like a demon and got the face and opening edge of a full-sized paneled door with mouldings covered in under half an hour, results OK. The true test will come with the application of the topcoats won’t it? As for the early start darlic, well we amateurs value our beauty sleep but I shall make the effort!

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Decent finish after third finish coat, tho still some brush marks showing. Laying-off is tricky even using a decent 3" Purdy brush with a very light touch! To be fair, any flush door is going to reveal the slightest error.